Today the Centre received a remarkable gift

Today the Centre received a remarkable gift in response to its Big 6-0 campaign, and in response to its current financial challenges  


Dear Friends,

It is with great joy that the Centre announces today the receipt of a most remarkable gift from a family with a long connection to the Centre. Responding to the present need of the Centre, the family has come forward to offer a matching gift incentive for the Centre’s current “Big 6-0” fundraising appeal.

The Big 6-0 Appeal was launched at the Centre’s AGM in June. The goal of the campaign is to raise $60,000 for the Centre within the next six months by challenging 10 individuals or groups to each give $6,000, with the funds from the campaign going directly to bolster the Centre’s operations today. The family will match all gifts to the campaign up to its $60,000 goal, doubling the impact of every donor and every dollar given.

The family, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared their sentiments in a letter. “As a family we are delighted to be able to offer this gift to the Centre. In reflecting back on what the Tatamagouche Centre has meant to us, we all can point to the Centre as one of our most influential sources of transformative learning, spiritual growth, and awakening to the call of justice in and for the world. The setting of the Centre, the programs it offers, and the wonderful community which has grown up around it have become part of our family DNA.” The letter continues, “As a family, we offer this gift in gratitude for all we have received from the Centre. Our prayer is that all in its far-reaching community will give generously. Such giving would be a way of expressing confidence and encouragement to the Tatamagouche Centre, and enabling it to find new and sustainable ways to continue its life-giving and life-changing work for people everywhere.”

This truly amazing gift is a testament to the donors’ love, affection, and hopefulness for the Centre.
“The Board of Tatamagouche Centre is extremely grateful for this wonderful gift and inspired by the commitment to the Centre which it represents,” says Berta Gaulke, on behalf of the Board of Directors. “Donations such as this will go a long way toward meeting our current financial challenge and making it possible to continue the work which has had such a profound effect on so many in our community.”

Prior to this announcement the campaign was progressing well. Thanks to the efforts of Campaign Co-Chair’s Kenley MacNeill and David Stevenson, donations from five donors have already been confirmed and pledge commitments from two others have been received.

“Signs of the Spirit are awesome when we see them,” said Kenley MacNeill, Campaign Co-chair. “Sharing signs of the Spirit always brings us to think of the best we can do. I believe that this gift will help us recognize how we can express our DNA, since it comes from an expression of the DNA. Thank you for the sign, and thank you for the permission to share it.”
“Sometimes our light goes out
but is blown again into flame
by anencounter with another human being.
Each of us owes the deepest thanks
to those who have rekindled this inner light.” – Albert Schweitzer

For more information on the Big 6-0 Appeal, or to find out how you can get involved please contact Organization & Outreach Director Michelle Ferris,


Posted: August 14, 2015


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