New Frequently Asked Questions Page

Today we are launching a new section of our blog for Frequently Asked Questions, put together this week by the Board of Directors. Please do get in touch if you have questions that are not listed here!



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3 responses to “New Frequently Asked Questions Page

  1. Ian Fraser

    I may have missed it but I would like to see a financial report consisting of numbers and few if any words. How much is the LOC, how much is owed to BTS etc. What is the budget for the current year. Why is it necessary to hire a special auditor? Are the books confused?


    • The transcript from Saturday’s meeting will be posted in the next few days, and we will be updating more financial information as it becomes available (roughly in the next week). Hopefully that will answer much of your questions! If not, please do get in touch.


    • Hi Ian,
      As Andrew said, you will see a lot of that detail in the notes from the Community Meeting – we hope to have these up tomorrow. In the meantime I will post the 2014 Audited Financial Statements. The Centre always hires an auditor. With the insolvency the Board is required to assume responsibility for the finances of the organization, and to be of assistance Maritime Conference has agreed to take over bookkeeping for the Centre. The Board initiated a Specified Procedures Review in order to create a clean set of books to June 30, so that we can do this handover. In the FAQ we erroneously refer to it as a mini-audit, we will correct this verbiage now.


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