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Notice of Special General Meeting – October 3, 2015

Atlantic Christian Training Society
Notice of Special General Meeting

Saturday, October 3, 2015

10 am | Tatamagouche Fire Hall

202 Main Street, Tatamagouche
Click here for directions


The Atlantic Christian Training Centre Society (Tatamagouche Centre) is pleased to invite Members to a Special General Meeting to be held on Saturday, October 3rd.  The meeting will take place at the Tatamagouche Fire Hall beginning at 10 am and will run until lunchtime. Click here for directions. Parking is available behind the fire hall (off Church Street) and at Tatamagouche Elementary School (also on Church Street).

The business of this this meeting will be to elect a New Board of Directors to serve the Centre during a time of dynamic transition, and to form working groups to oversee the activities of the Centre. The Business Meeting Agenda is at the end of this message.

The current Board of Directors has put in a lot of time during this intense period associated with learning the Centre is insolvent. The Board’s commitment was to ensure it clearly understood the Centre’s financial position, and be a stable presence until the end of staff lay off period on September 30th, 2015, in order to support the necessary transition to a very different organization.

Post-September 30th, a new phase in the life of Tatamagouche Centre begins. This phase of re-visioning and re-building must involve the wider Tatamagouche Centre community.  In order for this to happen, we believe the Board of Directors must also start afresh. On October 3rd, the current Board of Directors will step down so a new Board can be elected.   

In order to begin this transition, a few Board members have already stepped down. We wish to thank Berta Gaulke, Daniele Hart, and Andrew Jantzen for their dedication and contributions to the Centre.

Until October 3rd; Karen MacNeill, Jim Wicks, Lori Crocker, Jen Graham, and Theresa Halfkenny are the Centre Board of Directors. The Board is currently spreading the responsibility across its members, and there is no Acting Executive.

The Board is very small, and would really appreciate help from our community. We are looking for people committed to being part of the Centre’s transition, in the following ways: facilitation, communications, inclusion and diversity, mediation and conflict work, financial management, volunteer recruitment and coordination, fundraising, general maintenance, visioning, planning, and just being willing to take on particular tasks.

Our most immediate needs are:

Nominations Committee: Our bylaws call for (at a minimum) one Board member, a staff member, and a community member to form a nominations committee to make recommendations for  potential nominees. This committee would work to identify and screen potential new board members, and make recommendations in the form of a Nominations Committee Report at the October 3rd meeting. At this time we are looking for two people, staff and/or community to serve on this committee. They will join Karen MacNeill, sitting Board member, in carrying out this work. Volunteer here.

Board Members:  We will be looking for seven new board members.  We need all backgrounds and skill types; however,  facilitation, community building, financial planning and sustainability/business planning would be particularly valuable at this time.  The appointment will be effective October 3rd, through to the June 2016 AGM. Full description of Board responsibilities here.  Please contact Karen MacNeill to express interest.

Transition Committee: The Board will be supported by an accountable transition committee who will work with the Board to channel community and Board efforts. A Terms of Reference is being developed for the Transition Committee, and will be adopted at the Special General Meeting. Recruitment for the Transition Committee will begin in-parallel with Board recruitment. Please contact: Wilf Bean for more information.

With thanks for your continued support,
Tatamagouche Centre Board of Directors


Special General Meeting

Saturday, October 3, 2015
Tatamagouche Fire Hall | 10 am
202 Main Street Tatamagouche | Directions

Business Meeting Agenda

10 am Call Meeting to Order
Appointment of Secretary Designate for Meeting
Nominations Committee Report
Election of Board of Directors and Officers
Terms of Reference, Transition Committee (For Decision)
Formation of Transition Team
Formation of Working Groups for:
•    Fundraising
•    Property
•    Personnel & Volunteer Coordination

Please RSVP for the Special General Meeting.

To vote at the Special General Meeting you must be a member in good standing; i.e., your annual dues have been received. Contact us to confirm your membership status or to apply/renew.


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Sacred spaces, critical decisions

UCC Observer logo

Check out this article about the United Church Centres and their uncertain future in the United Church Observer.

Sacred spaces, critical decisions

Do you know how your nearest learning centre is faring?

By Carolyn Pogue

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Notes from Community Meeting

Tatamagouche Centre hosted a community meeting on August 29, 2015. It was a chance to share information on the current financial situation of the Centre, allow for sharing of feelings and hopes for the Centre, and generate ideas and commitments for building the future of the Centre.

Community Meeting Notes 29-Aug-15, amended 8-Sep-15


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Audited Financial Statements 2014

Some people have asked for more detailed financial information in order to get a clearer picture of the situation.

Our audited financial statements are one of the best pieces of information. Below are statements for 2014 and 2013.

ACTC Audited Financial Statements 2014

ACTC Audited Financial Statements 2013

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Aug 29th Community Day Reflections

We are working hard on getting the full record of the day finalized and up here for you – it should be up over the next few days!

In the meantime, we at the Centre want you to know that we are holding and honoring all the feelings, ideas, concerns and hopes from the day that were sharing by everyone in the Centre community. We are such a wide, diverse and beautiful community/communties. The image below was created from words shared at the day – hopefully you can find yourself reflected somewhere in here.

[Image description: Words from the day. Full list below]

Tata Centre Wordle

Centre, Place, People, Tatamagouche, Staff, Relationship, Space, Understand, Anger, Build, Language, Sadness, Mi’kmaw, Work, Pain, Hope, Gratitude, Leadership, Grief, Anxiety, Despair, Clarity, Opportunity, Thankfulness, Overwhelmed, Helplessness, Potential, Balancing, Sacredness, Energy, Importance, Reconciliation, Healing, Partners, Love, Trust, Immediate, Certain, Recognition, Humanity, Individuals, Gifts, Transformation, Funding, Acceptance, Uncertainty, Impact, Peace, Marginalized, Heart, Fears, Spirit, Ideas, Confidence, Vision, Hard, Foundation, Time, Board, Here, Around, Plan, Change, New, Treaty, Need, Money, Forward, Feel, Heard, Connected, Contribute, Situation, Conflict, Recognize, Future, Learn, Being, Today, Financial, Good, Great, Hold, Thing, Term, Culture, Insurmountable, Confusion, Apprehension, Helpful,  Risk, Finance, Bad, Optimism, Greatest, Chaos, Options, Profound, Careful, Sustain, Justice, Skillful, BTS, Look, Happens, Leaders, Honour, Business, Acknowledgement, Ecological, Realistic, Caught, Different, Act, Programming, Material, Role, Failings, Grasp, Slow, United Church, Relief, Move, Raises, Between, Those, End, World, Inevitable, Organization, Use, Morning, Go, Down, Dollars, Organized, Hopelessness, Represent, Assets, Policy, Imagery, Gives, Much, Beyond, Cycle, Dying, Plant, Regenerate, Wrong, Doing, Sector, Decision, Structure, Surprise, Historical, Aspect, Dealing, Getting paid, Gobsmacked, Hand, Turnout, Leverage, Complex, Advisory, Committee, Analysis, Profundity, Key, Covenant, High, Regard, One Another, Come, More, Won, Throwing, Market, Out, Short, Measures, Open, Without, Thought, Now, Called, Step, Alternative, Sources, Public, First, Province, Mattered, Showed up, Continue, Set Aside, Entire, Spent, Half hour, Raft river falling apart, over, long, both, know, hopefully, towards, sense, very, model, antiethical, social, develop, present, upon.

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Financial Sustainability Plan

On June 20, 2015 the Annual Gathering of Members and Annual General Meeting took place. In addition to wrapping up the business of 2014, the meeting agenda was focused on the work of the financial sustainability task group, which had been struck in January, as well as other initiatives for financial sustainability that have been initiated by Board and staff.

Please check out the draft Financial Sustainability Plan.


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