Aug 29th Community Day Reflections

We are working hard on getting the full record of the day finalized and up here for you – it should be up over the next few days!

In the meantime, we at the Centre want you to know that we are holding and honoring all the feelings, ideas, concerns and hopes from the day that were sharing by everyone in the Centre community. We are such a wide, diverse and beautiful community/communties. The image below was created from words shared at the day – hopefully you can find yourself reflected somewhere in here.

[Image description: Words from the day. Full list below]

Tata Centre Wordle

Centre, Place, People, Tatamagouche, Staff, Relationship, Space, Understand, Anger, Build, Language, Sadness, Mi’kmaw, Work, Pain, Hope, Gratitude, Leadership, Grief, Anxiety, Despair, Clarity, Opportunity, Thankfulness, Overwhelmed, Helplessness, Potential, Balancing, Sacredness, Energy, Importance, Reconciliation, Healing, Partners, Love, Trust, Immediate, Certain, Recognition, Humanity, Individuals, Gifts, Transformation, Funding, Acceptance, Uncertainty, Impact, Peace, Marginalized, Heart, Fears, Spirit, Ideas, Confidence, Vision, Hard, Foundation, Time, Board, Here, Around, Plan, Change, New, Treaty, Need, Money, Forward, Feel, Heard, Connected, Contribute, Situation, Conflict, Recognize, Future, Learn, Being, Today, Financial, Good, Great, Hold, Thing, Term, Culture, Insurmountable, Confusion, Apprehension, Helpful,  Risk, Finance, Bad, Optimism, Greatest, Chaos, Options, Profound, Careful, Sustain, Justice, Skillful, BTS, Look, Happens, Leaders, Honour, Business, Acknowledgement, Ecological, Realistic, Caught, Different, Act, Programming, Material, Role, Failings, Grasp, Slow, United Church, Relief, Move, Raises, Between, Those, End, World, Inevitable, Organization, Use, Morning, Go, Down, Dollars, Organized, Hopelessness, Represent, Assets, Policy, Imagery, Gives, Much, Beyond, Cycle, Dying, Plant, Regenerate, Wrong, Doing, Sector, Decision, Structure, Surprise, Historical, Aspect, Dealing, Getting paid, Gobsmacked, Hand, Turnout, Leverage, Complex, Advisory, Committee, Analysis, Profundity, Key, Covenant, High, Regard, One Another, Come, More, Won, Throwing, Market, Out, Short, Measures, Open, Without, Thought, Now, Called, Step, Alternative, Sources, Public, First, Province, Mattered, Showed up, Continue, Set Aside, Entire, Spent, Half hour, Raft river falling apart, over, long, both, know, hopefully, towards, sense, very, model, antiethical, social, develop, present, upon.


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