Notes from Community Meeting

Tatamagouche Centre hosted a community meeting on August 29, 2015. It was a chance to share information on the current financial situation of the Centre, allow for sharing of feelings and hopes for the Centre, and generate ideas and commitments for building the future of the Centre.

Community Meeting Notes 29-Aug-15, amended 8-Sep-15



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3 responses to “Notes from Community Meeting

  1. Mac Campbell

    This is an exceptionally helpful report from a truly exceptional day. My deep thanks go to those who gathered and collated the report, as well as to all those who took part in the gathering that is the focus of the report. There is much to digest here, and much to build on. The phrase “good money after bad” was mentioned in passing in the report. I have been supporting the Centre as I was able over the past couple of decades. I have NEVER spent a “bad” dollar in that support. They are ALL good, and they will continue to be.


    • Thanks for your thoughts on the good/bad dollar phrase. It’s great to hear that you feel they are all good 🙂 I know the Centre has been a space for incredible and good work for many decades for many people.


  2. Michelle Ferris

    Love your comment, it is so good to hear. Thanks Mac!


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