Fall Campaign

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This is the time.

This is the moment.

Tatamagouche means “mingling of the currents”. And for 60 years Tatamagouche Centre has lived out this meaning.

As a meeting place, Tatamagouche Centre is a place of convergence – a place of disruption and change.

When people come to the Centre we hear expressions like, “I feel like I’ve arrived home”, and “this land is sacred”.

Special forces aligned to make it possible for the Centre to come into being here, and these same energies have brought us together in this time and place.

The Centre is now in a place of great uncertainty, and it needs to draw on the deep wells of love and generosity of the community it has built if it is to survive. This is the time. This is the moment.

What are you most thankful for about the Centre? Tell us, and give back. Donate or get involved.



Tatamagouche Centre is experiencing a significant financial challenge. We are working to ensure that the Centre will be able to continue into the future, and are calling on the Centre community to donate now. Your support will help ensure the Centre avoids bankruptcy and can give us a chance for visioning a new future.

We can raise $25,000 in the next month if we receive:

  • 2 donations of $5,000
  • 5 donations of $1,000
  • 10 donations of $500
  • 15 donations of $250
  • 20 donations of $100
  • 25 donations of $50
  • 25 donations of $25

Your gift can be a one-time or monthly donation. Monthly donations are great because they spread out your gift over the year, meaning a steady flow of dollars for the Centre, and a manageable monthly gift for you.

Please Donate Now.


The Big 6-0 Appeal Logo

The Big 6-0 Appeal continues too. The Centre is challenging 10 individuals or groups to give $6,000 each to the Centre. Thanks to a generous gift from a family with a long connection to the Centre, all donations to the campaign will be matched up to the campaign’s original goal of $60,000. That means that if this campaign hits its goal, this will be a $120,000 fundraiser for the Centre at its time of greatest need. So, every $1 you give now to this campaign turns into $2.

Already we have received full or partial gifts from seven donors or groups, and over $26,000 is in hand.
Click here to Give to the Big 6-0.


Give 6 logo

Or, you can Give 6! – $6, that is. One dollar for every decade of the Centre’s life.

Since beginning this campaign in the Spring, these $6 gifts have already amounted to more than $6,000 for the Centre! It just goes to show that if everyone chips in a little, it goes a long way.

First time donors:
Send $6 or sign up online to give $6 a month for 12 months.

Regular donors:
Increase your donation by $6 or other denomination that honours 6—eg., turn $50 into a $60 donation.

Ways to Give 6!

  • Give $6 online now: www.tatacentre.ca
  • If you’re coming for a program, add $6 to your program fees.
  • If you’re buying items in our gift shop, add $6 to your purchase

Drop $6 into our donation box the next time you visit the Centre.


Give Time

The Centre needs the gifts and skills of its community as never before.

Post-September 30th, when the staff lay-offs come into effect, a new phase in the life of Tatamagouche Centre begins. This phase of re-visioning and re-building must involve the wider Tatamagouche Centre Community. In order for this to happen, we believe the Board of Directors must also start afresh. On October 3rd, the current Board of Directors will step down so a new Board can be elected.

The Board has space for 10 people, which is still pretty small when it comes to overseeing all the aspects of a 15-acre, multi-building facility with diverse operations. For that reason a transition team and working groups need to be formed. We are looking for people committed to serving the Centre in its transition, in the following ways:

  • Board of Directors
  • Transition Team
  • Fundraising
  • Property
  • Personnel and Volunteer Coordination

Skills that are needed include:

  • legal, accounting, and financial management
  • visioning and sustainability planning
  • communications
  • fundraising
  • volunteer recruitment and coordination
  • general maintenance
  • inclusion and diversity
  • mediation and conflict work
  • facilitation
  • willingness to take on particular tasks

Do you feel called to serve the Centre in this time of transition? Please contact us and let us know your interests.


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