Information on the Board of Directors and the governance of the Tatamagouche Centre.

We are an active and engaged Board.

The direction and operations of the Centre is set and managed by the Board of Directors. To do this work effectively, we meet regularly – primarily by conference call to keep costs low, and to expedite decisions and action. Click HERE for a description of the role of the Board.

As a Board we cannot achieve our goals without your help.

We are in need of assistance from people who care about the Centre. We are deeply grateful for offers of support.

With the uncertainty that lies before us, we invite membership and supporters to dream, vision and plan alongside us, and to help carry out those plans.

Ensure you receive information and invitations from us.

Please sign up for our e-News by clicking here.

Board members from June 2015 until June 2016:

Lori Crocker; DM, Jennifer Graham, Berta Gaulke (resigned), Theresa Halfkenny, Daniele Hart (resigned), Andrew Jantzen (resigned), Karen McNeill, Jim Wicks

Co-Chairs: Theresa Halfkenny, Jennifer Graham

Secretary/Treasurer: Daniele Hart (resigned)

To contact a representative of our Board directly please email Karen MacNeill.


Role of the Board (Policy Approved 16-May-14)

Role of Chair (Policy Approved 7-Feb-14)

Role of Executive (Policy Approved 7-Feb-14)


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